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Doug Bolton

Former Business Courier publisher Doug Bolton leads Cincinnati Cares, standing up the organization as the volunteer-centric entity our region needs and expanding the Cincinnati Cares platform to serve all individuals, businesses and nonprofits.
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Jenna Ruttkay

As Cincinnati Cares’ chief operations officer, Jenna is at the center of the value proposition the organization offers to its customers and the delivery of solutions for businesses and nonprofits. She keeps the spaceship running for a powerful nine-person team with varied interests and experiences, all the while keeping her eye on the ecosystems we orbit.
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Carol Rountree

Chief Volunteer Officer for Cincinnati Cares. Two decades of nonprofit and volunteer management experience in Greater Cincinnati makes Carol Rountree a perfect fit for Cincinnati Cares and its customers. Experiences include president of the primary support association for our region’s volunteer administrators, first employee at an innovative technology startup, and Girl Scout leader.
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Beth Guzior

Beth brings over 20 years of B2B sales expertise to Cincinnati Cares. Her previous two decades at Automatic Data Processing, Inc. provide the Human Capital Management education to ensure that Cincinnati businesses understand the employee and company benefits/value of on-going well managed volunteering programs.
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Katie Fiorelli

For more than a decade in roles as diverse as deacon of her church to a University of Cincinnati graduate student to a tutor in the Chicago public schools to a secondary-school teacher in Washington, D.C., Katie has been passionate about learning and creating a better world, which makes her a perfect fit for Cincinnati Cares and its mission of creating a Greater Cincinnati.
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Catherine Andrews

A combination of local pride, passionate support for a variety of causes, youthful communications savvy and a solid understanding of the local nonprofit world makes Catherine Andrews a valuable member of the Cincinnati Cares team.
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Zoe Storch

Much of the beauty in anything requiring design at Cincinnati Cares is a result of the sharp eye of Zoe Storch, a young but refreshing homegrown talent.
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Craig Young

Founder, Board Chair, Volunteer
Craig brings nearly four decades of success creating technology products and companies, over two decades of engaged philanthropy, and over a decade of combining both of those to create technology and programs encouraging, inspiring and celebrating actions by many in the areas of volunteering, sustainability and compassion.
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Michael Young

Technology Volunteer
Michael’s education, and his experience encouraging environmental sustainability through web technology and multi-media, are critical to Inspiring Service’s efforts to support and encourage volunteerism. His abilities to understand technology, and relate to the people using it, combine to provide a foundation toward achieving a seamless user experience.
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